VegOut Lounge @ Level 2

(Open 24/7 to hotel guests only)
Kick back and chill out! From enjoying the local channels on TV, to browsing our selection of books, magazines and travel guidebooks, VegOut is the go-to place for entertainment!
Sip on a cup of coffee or tea if you’d like, or whip up a quick meal using the microwave and hot and cold water dispenser.



TimeOut Patio @ VegOut

(Open 7am to 11pm to hotel guests only)
Take a breather and enjoy the view of Mount Emily Park. (Psst, also a non-official smokers’ corner!)



LookOut Terrace @ Level 7 Rooftop

(Open 7am to 11pm to hotel guests only)
Bask in the sun on our deck chairs and refresh your sun baked body in our standing shower pool. At night, enjoy the Singapore skyline and engage in some star-gazing with fellow travellers.



 HelpOut @ Level 1

We certainly don’t recommend faxing a work document at 3am, but here at hangout@mt.emily,  you could! Printing, photocopying, faxing, checking in/out and obtaining more information can  all be done at this 24/7 one stop help desk!



WashOut Self-Service Laundry @ Level 2

(Open 24/7 to hotel guests only)
Chuck those dirty laundry and iron out the creases with our token-operated laundromats and iron at WashOut.


Call Out

CallOut Telephone Corners

(Open 24/7 to hotel guests only)
Ring up a friend! Feel free to make free local calls using phones at levels 2, 4 and 6.



KeepOut Locker/Baggage Room @ Level 1

Late flight home and wish to explore the city further? We’ve got you covered.
Store your luggage for free after check out, or even leave it with us for a few days for a small fee.